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Massimiliano F.

Chef at Restaurant Salgari and Trattoria Tralalêro

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels? 
In 2022.

What is the most stimulating aspect of your job? 
The ability to satisfy guests.

Which dishes are most appreciated by your guests? 
Our pesto is unforgettable, not to mention the seafood mains.

Describe your cooking philosophy in 3 words. 
Dedication, simplicity and love.

Which ingredient are you most passionate about?
Fresh seafood in general.

What is the perfect pairing between a dish and a wine?
Tuna cooked in a pot with vegetables and lemon, combined with a glass of Arma di Taggia Moscatello.

Which dish (or ingredient) best describes you? 
Ravioli stuffed with red prawns served with butter and fresh marjoram.